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    The New Flexible Office


    Thinking Beyond Open vs. Closed Office Design

    These days it’s hard to miss the plethora of business and design articles blasting the negative effects of the open office on morale, culture and productivity. More

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    #WorkMatters: Flexible Spaces for Diverse Needs

    We’re part of an exciting era, where how and where people work is rapidly evolving and we no longer accept the status quo. Technology has given us freedom and there’s no turning back. Why? Because where and how we work matters in so many ways. Workspace More

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    Feeling Boxed In at Work?

    Renew & Re-evaluate for 2014

    It doesn’t take a complete office redesign to get you and your colleagues re-energized for a successful year.  Small design and behavioral changes can greatly improve your overall attitude toward More

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    It’s OK – We Give You Permission to Take a Real Holiday!

    Are you starting to feel the pre-holiday distraction, stress and guilt as holiday plans are taking priority over those looming work projects?  Perhaps you’re subconsciously More

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    Biophilic Design

    Biophilic Design, Biomimicry and Our Inherent Bond With Nature

    The terms biophilia and biomimicry are often popping up in design and green building circles often these days. What do these esoteric words really mean to us, and More

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    Love Your Show!

    NeoCon East Baltimore Delivers an Accessible, Down to Earth Event, with Michael Graves as Headliner

    Despite the notorious government shutdown, the show went on last week at NeoCon More